Château - Du Petite Chansonnette

    Pretty much finish with the exterior. Moving on to the interior. More pix to come.

    This is a work in progress...

    I've wanted to make a Chateau dollhouse forever! But I've had put it off because I have absolutely no room for a huge dollhouse. So I had this thought what if I could make one small enough to put anywhere, but still have the feel of an extravagant Chateau. Well, this is the result. I call this a room box instead of a dollhouse, because it's just one room. A bit of imagination is needed to figure out what exactly this one room will be.

    I'm making some headway on it, Just a bit more work on windows, stairs, door, etc... Then I move on to the hard part (lol!), the interior... deep breath...

    Though some of you might think the exterior was hard enough, it went by easily because I used this real Chateau as inspiration.

    I will be posting pictures as I work on this. enjoy.

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